Court Bookings

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Booking Rules

The courts can be extremely busy on weekdays from 5:30 pm-9:15, especially during team season.

The following rules apply without exception at these peak times.
1. You cannot book more than one slot per day at these times. If the court after your time is free, you can use it once you've played your booked time, but you cannot reserve it in advance, you must allow other members to book it.
2. If you cannot use a court you booked, you must cancel the booking ASAP.
3. You must book with the format Initial.Surname/Initial.Opponent
The adherence to these rules is being monitored by the committee.

Guest Rules

The rules on guests are:
1. The fee for visitors is £5
2. Each member may introduce up to 12 guests each year- the same guest may only play 3 times in any year
3. Members to ensure guests are signed in and that guest fees are paid
4. Guests must be booked on court as opponent "Guest"
For more information have a look at the details page